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Technical Assistance and Repair

Payment systems

(coin acceptors and banknote readers)

Loan for use

Coffee machines

for the office or home


Plant repair and assistance
air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Technical Assistance and Repair

Vending machines


Sale and loan for use of

Management and installation of vending machines

Supply of Vending spare parts at reseller prices

Assistance and preparation H24

Technical Assistance and Electronic Board Repair

Technical Assistance and Repairof Coffee Machines, small and large.




I n order to meet the full needs of each customer,

C offedreamservice

has trained its staff at 360 °, to obtain a vast network of useful and efficient services.

We assist

constantly our customers to guarantee them an excellent quality service at all stages of the installation and management of vending machines.

We offer

an initial consultancy service to evaluate with the customer which is the most suitable solution

also considering the dimensions and characteristics of the environment

where the distributors will be installed.

Using our specialized technicians, we take care of everything,

we take care of transport and installation.

The distributors are granted on free loan for use and installation

it does not foresee any burdenfor the customer.

We guarantee

The regular and constant supply of distributors on a weekly basis,

fortnightly or more frequently, based on the customer's consumption and daily consumption.

Our refuelers also take care of regular cleaning

and sanitizing of distributors to ensure constant hygiene.

In case of malfunction or breakdown, we guarantee the

timely intervention of our technicians,

in order to restore quickly

the operation of the distributor.

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