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MEI CF8000 Change Giver

CashFlow® 8000 with Data Merge ™ is the evolution of the CashFlow® 7000 series that will revolutionize your business by simplifying the entire audit data collection process. It is easy to use but extremely sophisticated in the way it helps managers control receipts and operational information.

Simple and inexpensive
CF8000 supports various audit data collection options, including USB, IrDA and Bluetooth®. If you are not an audit expert and are looking for an entry-level solution or want to integrate CF8000 into your management software, you will find how simple it will be to collect audit data:

  • Single audit point on each machine
  • Reduction of errors
  • Reduction of training requirements
  • Elimination of "lost" audits
  • Elimination of complexity from the audit collection process

Full audit
CashFlow® 8000 collects all sales and diagnostic data from the machine. All information is aggregated into a single EVA / DTS formatted file, which can be imported directly into your management software or analyzed using MEI's cash and audit management tool.

  • Acceleration of audit collection
  • More complete, consistent and accurate information
  • Registration of machine ID and location
  • All the information you need to manage your fleet


VAT Included
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